Shpresa Means Hope

Our Mission

Shpresa Programme (Shpresa) is a charity that promotes the participation and contribution of Albanian-speaking refugees and migrants in the UK. Through our services and projects, we encourage and support individuals and families to play a positive and active role in British society.

Our Manifesto 2024

At Shpresa Programme, we champion the rights and dignified integration of our communities in the UK. Our manifesto outlines our vision and commitment to creating ...
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Who we are

We are user-led, which means the needs and aspirations of our community are at the heart of everything we do and our members have a voice in the planning and delivery of our projects. We act for and on behalf of the Albanian-speaking community and respond to genuine and often urgent needs through our services and support.

What we do

Working closely with schools, councils, partners and funders, we are regarded by many as the ‘most impressive migrant support organisation in the UK’. We work tirelessly so that people can orientate, settle and gain access to education, training and employment in this country. Our vision at Shpresa is to effect positive change for both individuals and communities.

Working together

We pride ourselves on being outward-looking; working in close partnership with other agencies and services, including other community organisations. If you would like to know more about what we do or would like to work with us then please get in touch

Our Partners

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