Breaking The Chains – Mind Map

Breaking The Chains – Mind Map
'Everything can go wrong at any time I do not have a community here The system is setting me up for failure 'I feel Lost' I feel lonely I don't know how everything works We are here for you - talk to us! I don't understand life here I feel trapped, isolated and scared I don't understand life here I am scared of what has happened to me

'Everything can go wrong at any time

Do not worry, these are normal feelings to have! 
Within the 'Breaking the Chains' Project we work with solicitors, social workers, therapists, mentors and many other providers who can guide you every step of the way.

I do not have a community here

It is normal to feel like an outcast in a new country.
The 'Breaking the Chains' Project youth club meets every Monday and Friday. We play games, eat traditional Albanian food cooked by Albanian mothers, do sports & we dance 'valle'. We also receive valuable information and guidance for our immigration cases and how immigration is changing.

The system is setting me up for failure

It is easy to feel this way! Do not worry, we are here to guide you. The 'Breaking the Chains' project facilitates the immigration champions, young people who are trained to teach other young people, authorities, service providers and the government about how the immigration system has impacted young people. Lots of us have met with politicians, academics, solicitors and participated in initiatives and projects that have boosted our careers!

'I feel Lost'

Feeling disoriented is part of the journey, but you’re not alone. 'Breaking the Chains' offers navigation through these complex times. We connect you with peers who have walked your path and can share their stories and insights, helping you find your way. We have a Befriending Project through which you can be paired up with individuals who can support you through your journey.

I feel lonely

Loneliness can be overwhelming, but we're here to offer companionship. At 'Breaking the Chains', we believe in building strong friendships. Join our community gatherings where you can meet others who understand your experience and can offer support and camaraderie. We meet every Monday and Friday for our Youth Clubs, as well as go to trips, participate in different initiatives, volunteer and forge new unbreakable bonds.

I don't know how everything works

It's okay to feel confused with so many new things to learn. 'Breaking the Chains' is dedicated to demystifying the process for you. Our project leaders are here to explain how things work, clarify what others expect, and ensure that you're comfortable and informed at every step. If you don't have a solicitor, if you're struggling with your social worker or foster parent, get in touch! We will support you every step of the way!

We are here for you - talk to us!

Trust takes time, especially in a new environment. 'Breaking the Chains' respects your need for confidentiality and offers a safe space to talk with professionals who understand the importance of trust and are dedicated to earning yours through consistent, supportive interactions. We offer therapy sessions, individual and group sessions through which you can express yourself.

I don't understand life here

Understanding a new way of life can be perplexing. 'Breaking the Chains' project is your guide to decoding daily life in your new home. We provide practical advice, from navigating local services to understanding cultural nuances, so you can start feeling at home. Breaking the Chains is a project in collaboration with MiCLU, therefore we provide legal advice for your immigration case as well.

I feel trapped, isolated and scared

These are heavy burdens to carry, but our doors are open to provide you relief. 'Breaking the Chains' creates a safe space for you to express yourself freely, receive emotional support, and feel part of a community that truly gets it. You are not alone in your struggle.

I don't understand life here

Adapting to a new culture is challenging, but 'Breaking the Chains' is your cultural bridge. We offer language classes, cultural orientation sessions, and social events to help you understand and appreciate the local way of life while honouring your own cultural identity.

I am scared of what has happened to me

It's natural to feel fear about past events, but you don't have to face them alone. 'Breaking the Chains' is here to listen and help you heal. Our trained professionals offer confidential support, helping you to work through your experiences at your own pace. You're safe here, and together, we can move towards a hopeful future.