Arts Diversity: King Henry VII Project

Partnered with People Powered Places, Green Street Newham

Dive into a colourful blend of culture and creativity at the King Henry VII Project event, in partnership with People Powered Places Green Street Newham! Experience captivating visual storytelling, soulful musical performances, mesmerising dance expressions, and poetic reflections—uniting communities through art and diversity!

The event was a testament to the inclusive ethos of both organisations, emphasising the importance of embracing a mosaic of perspectives and experiences. Through a dynamic array of creative expressions such as visual narratives, melodic harmonies, kinetic movements through dance and lyrical musings sung by the winner of Newham talent show, attendees were immersed in a captivating showcase that mirrored the multifaceted nature of our shared humanity.

The King Henry VII Project event  served as a catalyst for meaningful connections and collaborative dialogue. Artists and participants engaged in thought-provoking exchanges, exploring themes of identity, belonging, and cultural heritage within the context of a rapidly evolving global society. Focusing on the importance of young people’s input within the arts.

We had a celebratory mothers poem by a Somali poem read by our Somali speaker on that day. 


Starting with such an immersive description; “The world would certainly never have left the night, light not been found, people not have trekked” – transporting you into the planes of Somali. 


Our Albanian speaker with her powerful poetry names ‘The Thames Breath*’ an impactful recollection on the Asylum seeker experience.

A standout feature of the event was the seamless integration of traditional heritage with contemporary flair, weaving together threads of cultural legacy and forward-looking vision. Audiences were treated to performances and exhibits that seamlessly melded ancestral roots with modern interpretations, sparking dialogue and reflection on the evolving landscape of artistic expression. Asking the question: How can the youth contribute to Arts diversity? 


Young people can provide ample value and intriguing preservatives when giving the autonomy to create and the supportive mechanisms of mentorship. This project intends to serve this need and provide spaces for talented unrepresented to reach heights and gain exposure within the arts. Taking us in an ongoing journey towards embracing and celebrating artistic diversity in all its nuanced forms.


Let’s continue to champion initiatives that harness the unifying force of art, fostering dialogue, and forging bonds that transcend boundaries and celebrate the mosaic of human experiences.

Celebrating diverse voices, united in the language of art!

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