Be the Change

About the Project

Our women’s advocates work tirelessly to give the vulnerable and marginalised a voice through our Be the Change project.
Be the Change is an inclusive and welcoming platform that focuses on the support and integration of vulnerable Albanian speaking women. Whether you are an asylum seeker, settled or unsettled migrant, victim of trafficking or domestic violence, or simply want to join a dignifying, empowering and welcoming environment, Be The Change is for you.  Activities, workshops, information sessions, training and practical support all form a part of this project, and we work with our partners to deliver them – Money A&E, Total Family Coaching, Manor Gardens for Health & Wellbeing, HESTIA, Little Village and Be Your Best. 

We engage with project participants six days a week through online meetings, one-to-one  calls and follow-ups, and referrals – and our hope is that soon we’ll be able to offer all of this  face-to-face once more.

Our women’s advocates teach women how to problem solve and empower them with useful, transferable skills. They also provide practical assistance and support in regards to health and wellbeing, food and clothing, form filling, child care and asylum and immigration advice. Be the Change is changing the lives of Albanian speaking women, bringing positive change to our community and society as a whole.

Our Partners

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