The Can Do! team was created to appreciate and understand wildlife and nature through arts and crafts.

Can Do! Team

Who are we?

The Can Do! team was created to appreciate and understand wildlife and nature through arts and crafts. In our first discussions we hoped that through an artistic approach we would bring our community together – especially the most vulnerable individuals like younger children, older individuals, and vulnerable groups. With a focus on our community, we got to visit the Albanian School Classes and more. 

It is very important to us to take an eco-friendly approach in creating and being crafty. The Can Do! team aims to bring attention to recycling and reusing materials. We want to make use of materials that we would normally throw away, consequently creating waste and adding to pollution. The Can Do! team takes pride in our friendly approach to all our initiatives and hope that through education and fun arts and crafts sessions we can make a positive difference, for nature and wildlife.

Our Pitch Proposal

Some of our artwork

Our Arts and Crafts sessions

As part of the Can Do! Team work, from the beginning we have planned to welcome our community to all our initiatives. As our main mission is to bring everyone together through arts and crafts, the conversation classes at Stratford Park were a great chance to do so.

In the conversation classes, we got to engage with the children and teta-s at Stratford Park. We painted mood boards and used different materials to decorate them. We also talked about recycling and reusing materials and how important it is to visit parks and green spaces.

Can Do made STICKERS

Mood Boards by the Can Do! Team

Using recycled materials and a creative approach, the CAN DO! team walks through young people and our community on how to create colourful and eco-friendly mood boards.  In the conversation classes and our other workshops we also created mood boards by using the concept of 3 Rs

R - reduce

R - reuse

R - recycle


The biggest sub-project of the Can Do! Team is our Abetare. 

ABETARE: The Abetare is a children’s Alphabet textbook written in the Albanian Language.

Having had some arts & crafts sessions with the Albanian School at Shpresa Programme, the Can Do! team decided that beyond the beautiful alphabet books that our wonderful teachers use, an alphabet book with a focus on nature & wildlife  is a great way to teach our language.

With the Can Do! team, all our members came together to plan and design the content of the ABETARE, and we decided to call it ‘ABETARE, of the Nature and Animals’ (Abetare e Natyrës dhe Kafshëve). This beautiful alphabet book is full of hand drawn original designs by our team. Our team was very diverse, so the drawings are of different styles too. An honourable mention of the Abetare sub-project is also teacher Diana, who was wonderful in coordinating and producing much of the written content with our team.

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