Guardians of Nature: The Keeping it Wild Project


The Guardians of Nature are a group of young people with a passion to make our world a little greener, and keep us a little healthier. The Guardians of Nature were created as part of the Keeping it Wild Project. Keeping it Wild is a youthled programme designed for young people who are not typically engaging in outdoor activities to learn about protecting and connecting with London’s wildlife. Shpresa Programme engaged young people aged 11-16 in the Keeping it Wild Project in partnership with London Wildlife Trust, London Youth, Headliners UK & John Muir Trust 

Our Early Steps

This program started in November, when we had our first Zoom sessions with our Environmental Champions. With time, they named themselves as ‘The Guardians of Nature‘.

“This label came as a result of the ‘need for responsibility and social activism by young people in London to assess and save it from pollution, neglect and the deterioration of the environment, nature, green spaces and wildlife,'” – they said. The members of this group are young leaders and ambassadors of the Albanian-speaking community.

Living in Harmony

Living in Harmony Who are we ? The Living in Harmony team was created as a platform for young social activists that care about the

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