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At Shpresa, projects are a vital part of our work. They are fundamental in raising awareness and support, and they’re informed and shaped by indelible and impactful real life stories and case studies. 
We tackle and expose the big social justice issues: trafficking and modern day slavery, UK laws and systems, Albanian traditions and stigma, domestic/gender-based violence, blood feuds, homophobia, sexism and health and wellbeing. We are activists and advocates for the rights and needs of the Albanian-speaking community, shining a light on urgent but often hidden and unspoken problems. We have a strong reputation with local authorities, other organisations and institutions for delivering reliable information, and we work to create connections between them, and between members of our community. 
We are always interested to hear from groups, organisations and individuals who want to work with us on our projects. Please use the form below to get in touch

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