Driven by Your Needs

Alongside partners like MiCLU, Money A+E, New Europeans and local schools, we advocate for the Albanian speaking community in areas such as immigration, education, benefits and debt, and employment. 

This includes:

  • Signposting Albanian speaking asylum seekers, victims of trafficking, refugees and migrants to the best legal and specialist advice and services
  • Guiding service users to access support and advice to avoid social and economic exclusion
  • Developing partnerships to ensure that the needs of the Albanian speaking community are understood and addressed by immigration, housing and settlement, support, and employment providers. 

Smoothing Integration

Shpresa Programme is proud to have played a leading role in helping the Albanian speaking community in London to ‘find its feet’ – and has done so with minimum disruption, and at a faster pace than many other newly arrived immigrant or asylum seeking communities.
Given that most Albanian speaking families arrive in the UK speaking little to no English, with very few resources, feeling vulnerable and isolated, and often in considerable distress; the levels of integration and active community participation truly has exceeded all expectations.

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