Awareness and Inclusivity through Training and Learning

Shpresa is founded on a strong culture of family, friendship, solidarity and warmth, which in turn gives rise to high levels of trust and openness. 

Raising awareness of the Albanian culture in schools and community groups is vital for promoting positive integration. Our programme of activities and the provision of a ‘community space’ further enhances this sense of cultural identity – communicating what it means to be Albanian through language, dance and events. 

Shpresa’s effective and progressive training strengthens family ties by facilitating better communication between parents and children, and building relationships with grandparents. Clarity of identity is one way for individuals to understand their place within British society and simultaneously increases awareness and respect from those outside of the Albanian speaking community. We send welcome messages to all newcomers so that they can take advantage of all training opportunities as quickly as possible. 

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Discover the enriching world of learning and development with Shpresa Programme. Delving into a myriad of topics essential for personal growth and community cohesion, we regularly deliver dynamic training sessions and workshops. Click below to explore our upcoming events and empower yourself with knowledge and skills for a brighter tomorrow.


Many different journeys bring hundreds of Albanian-speakers to the same destination: the UK – a land of promise. Shpresa Programme helps these newly arrived refugees and migrants to feel less isolated by guiding and supporting their integration into UK society.  Our services are designed to reduce the stress and loneliness that people experience when they are unsettled and everything around them is unfamiliar. We aim to make all new experiences easier, and equip our users with the knowledge they need to make positive steps to establish a life here. 
Through our courses, workshops and training, Shpresa service users learn what sort of support is available to them and how to go about obtaining it. We provide hands-on assistance (learned from real-life experience) and help with everything from contacting and communicating with local or national authorities, to supporting claims and submissions for universal credit, and understanding and replying to letters and emails. For many newly-arrived Albanian speakers to London and the UK, Shpresa is the first point of contact, but we are here to support them long after that. Our training is shaped from our collective experiences, so our service users can continue to develop through it.

This experience includes but is not limited to:

  • Albanian speaking refugees, migrants and asylum seekers in the UK
  • Engaging effectively with Albanian speaking parents and children
  • Albanian speaking parents and the UK education system
  • Engaging with Albanian speaking women
  • Experience of volunteering amongst Albanian speaking community.

“Everyone has the right to feel safe. I promise to never commit, excuse or remain silent about violence against women and children. This is my oath!”

Gender-based/domestic violence

In everything we do, Shpresa Programme is loyal to this promise. We promote the safety and empowerment of women through workshops, classes and support groups which we run in partnership with brilliant and effective organizations like Manor Gardens and Total Family Coaching.
Shpresa provides the safe space and opportunity for women to learn about domestic violence and to know where and how to seek help. We work closely with Solace Women’s Aid and IKROW on our training programmes and through referrals. We also provide training for our partner organisations, so that they know how to best support victims of trafficking and domestic violence. Equally, we help and enable our young people through classes on mental health and building healthy relationships.

We have strong partnerships with both UK and Albanian organisations and understand domestic violence within the cultural context. Our dedicated team works tirelessly to maximise support for victims of domestic violence through our training and campaigns. And further to that, through English classes and skills training in employability, leadership and advocacy, we encourage these women to become strong and empowered – future entrepreneurs, professionals and skilful mothers

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