Working together for lasting change

The charity sector is filled with different partnership models, but Shpresa Programme offers a unique partnership at all levels – whether that’s with our members, volunteers, staff, trustees, as a third sector organisation or as a business model – to address a very real need in our community.

Our approach to building partnerships is very simple and follows these principles:

  • We never do for others the things that they can do themselves
  • We actively create and welcome people into spaces that facilitate honest conversation – even if those conversations are difficult
  • We actively listen – even when things are hard to hear, or seem big or impossible
  • We have a can-do attitude (we always act on what we hear)
  • We do not provide a service, we take people on a journey to learn
  • We do not take a no for an answer
  • We work hard to the point where eventually there will not be a need for us to exist
  • We choose partners who have similar values and share our vision

In one of his reports, Jonathan Ellis wrote:

“Shpresa is not the story of a professional, slick NGO, although Shpresa is both professional and slick, but the story of some impressive women, and it is almost exclusively down to women, struggling themselves with their new life in the UK, making their own way successfully and then being determined to use this experience to help their fellow community members. And then having accomplished this task being ready and open to offer support and encouragement to other newly arrived communities in the UK.

In many respects, the story of Shpresa is the story of modern Britain – how a new community can integrate and thrive in the country, how it can add huge value to the life of this country and how it can support other communities to play a full role in their life in the UK.”

If you’re interested in partnering with Shpresa then please get in touch today.


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