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Shpresa is the largest community-led Albanian agency in the UK run by and for Albanian refugees, asylum seekers and migrants.
There are many ways you can support us and we welcome enquiries from anyone wishing to learn more about the Albanian speaking community and why our work is so important.
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Volunteering is central to our mission to enable Albanian speaking people to play a full role in UK society.
You can volunteer as an Albanian speaker to gain skills and experience that will empower and equip you to live a happier, healthier and more positive life. Or you can volunteer as an English speaker and support our work by directly helping our service users, or assisting in other areas of the charity – this website, for example, is thanks in huge part to our volunteers.


Bëhuni pjesë e Shpresës sot dhe zbuloni ngrohtësinë, mbështetjen dhe mundësitë! Jeni të mirëpritur të na bashkoheni dhe të bëheni pjesë e familjes sonë.
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Shpresa Programme is a charity and donations make a huge difference to us and to the people we support. With more, we can do more! Your donation will go to work immediately and will make a very real and positive impact on someone’s life. Thank you for your support.

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